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Subject: loofa
Author: Krys
Date: 8/13/2004 11:34 pm
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When you get a shower, soap up a loofa and scratch away! When you get out of the shower, put some rubbing alcohol and a band aid on the spots. You can get the satifaction of scratching, but the soap and water usually keep it from spreading. The rubbing alcohol drys up the weeping, and the band-aids stop the rest. It can be a hassle sometimes, but when you can't stand the itch anymore, it feels great. I like to do it right before I go to bed. The band-aids also make sure I don't scratch in my sleep.

I didn't get this idea anywhere, so I don't know how well it works, or how great it is for your skin, but it feels really great at the time, thats for sure. 8-)

loofa (Approved)Krys8/13/2004 11:34 pm
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