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Re: P/I Outbreak

Subject: Re: P/I Outbreak
Author: Arthur Jernberg
Date: 8/14/2004 9:02 pm
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Many thanks to those who have complied and posted on this site. Using Baking soda and rubbing alcohol spray did wonders!! Now there are just a few remaining scars that remain. This indeed is an incredible source for factual information regarding these three infamous plants. Again: Many thanks for this very fine tutorial and users group. Hopefully others have as much success in getting rid of their cases of these nasties!! BTW the baking soda paste under the plastic wrap, burned like live fire!!!! But helped to dry the outbreak and stop it's spreading up my arm.

P/I Outbreak (Approved)Art Jernberg8/3/2004 7:44 pm
  Re: P/I Outbreak (Approved)Arthur Jernberg8/14/2004 9:02 pm
    Re: P/I Outbreak (Approved)kristi8/22/2004 5:15 pm