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Re: oozing Poisen Ivy

Subject: Re: oozing Poisen Ivy
Author: Radikalwomyn
Date: 8/16/2004 1:19 pm
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The oozing is lymphatic fluid...means your immune system is fighting the intruder. Its not good or bad except that it looks gross ;) Thats just how your body is handling things. It doesnt mean its going away sooner, but it WILL go away, with time. You may only get a few spots or you may find more spots show up, even a few weeks from now! They too, wil go away with time. The homeopathic remedy for poison ivy that blisters and oozes and itches intensely is Rhus Tox 6X. You can buy this at a health food store for about 5 bucks. Its also the remedy for cold sores and chicken pox, which look and feel similar to poison ivy.

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