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Re: recurring outbreaks

Subject: Re: recurring outbreaks
Author: Sharon
Date: 8/18/2004 2:57 pm
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Thanks Nurse Ivy, I went to the DR last night and have started a 12 day pack of Prednisone. It may all be in my head but I think it is already starting to work, haven't seen any new bumps today and the existing ones seem to be a bit drier. He also gave me Hydroxyzine HCL tablets for the itch, but haven't noticed much difference. I have been using Band-Aid Calamine spray and that seems to work the best at least out of the things I have tried..Ivy Dry wash, Burts Bees Jewel Weed soap and Benadryl spray - probably should have tried the gel!.
Although I was trying my best not to, I was scratching and that may have contributed to it spreading. I also read somewhere that showering in extremely hot water (hot as you can stand)helped. IT DID NOT! I really think that made it worse as thats when it really started to spread. I would not recommend using really hot water....although it gives temporary relief from itching I think it made it spread and more oozy. Cold water compresses seem to work better.
Good luck with your latest bout.

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