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Re: Poison Sumac...maybe

Subject: Re: Poison Sumac...maybe
Author: Brian
Date: 8/20/2004 10:32 pm
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It's sumac but can't tell if its the poisonous type. Was this taken recently? Because this time of year the plant should be bearing fruit or flowers which are usually greenish white on the poisonous plant and have a roundish, grayish fruit. On most non poisonous species, its usually a red hairy or smooth fruit. Even if it is a non poisonous plant, it's still possible to cause an allergic reaction.
Try and cut a good chunk of it into a zip-lock bag and take it to your local cooperative extension service.They can help you out. Snout up Rikku!

Poison Sumac...maybe (Approved)Kristen8/19/2004 4:02 pm
  Re: Poison Sumac...maybe (Approved)Brian8/20/2004 10:32 pm