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Something REALLY GOOD for poison ivy

Subject: Something REALLY GOOD for poison ivy
Author: Doug
Date: 8/23/2004 9:24 am
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My wife and I are both reactive to poison ivy, and we often get it throughout the summer. I don't like taking prednisone unless it is an extreme case.

Anyway, my wife's doula (birth coach) told us about some homeopathic medicine called Rhus Toxicondrin that works really, really well.

If you go to the health food store, they usually have a shelf full of homeopathic medicines. Sometimes, Rhus Tox is labelled for relief of joint pain, sometimes for relief of poison ivy. It comes in the form of sugar pills that you dissolve under your tongue.

Anyway, this stuff works GREAT! Once I realize that I have a case of ivy coming in, I start taking it. The affected areas will get red still, but they will not blister and generally there isn't any itching either (although it does itch after I take a shower in the morning).

My wife and I think this is the greatest stuff, and we always have some around from now on. Check it out for yourself, poison ivy SUCKS!

Something REALLY GOOD for pois (Approved)Doug8/23/2004 9:24 am
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