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Re: Poison Ivy that won't go away

Subject: Re: Poison Ivy that won't go away
Author: Dan Frazer
Date: 8/29/2004 0:29 am
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While doing reserch on the itchy plant (after I blasted some ivy with the weed eater), I came accross a lot of home remedies.
Dawn dish soap, Hemmeroid cream, baking soda, and a few more.
Peach tree leaves (boil them and let cool, apply to area). This one I didn't try but might work.
Went to the DR. Friday (8 days after getting the stuff), She said "If there is a overnight money back guarentee spray out there a big company would have picked it up and ran with it. By the time you order it your Ivy would have been cured anyway."
You have got to stop the itching. I tried peroxide on a washrag up and down the area (both legs). then 70% alcohol, then with epson salt in warm water take the wet salt and rub it onto the area. This will help dry, and cure the itch. Amonia spirit also dry it up. after 2 days of the salt I then did the same thing using Medicated Powder instead of salt. Dr. claims that the oil of the plant is what your allergic to. Get the oil off you and your clothes. Mowing and burning (and weed eating) are the major causes of getting the oil on you.
Mine is about gone, got a perscription yet to pick it up.
Did either of you get the shot while you were at the Dr.?????
Good luck with your itch.

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