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does it travel through the blood?

Subject: does it travel through the blood?
Author: Nanci
Date: 8/29/2004 11:39 pm
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I was infected in one area on my arm...8 days later I broke out underneath my clothes area and scalp....its horrible and I don't understand? Is it possible that the poison travels through your bloodstream? It appears to have broken out heaviest in areas where I sweat...I happened to be doing quite a bit of labor intensive work during this weekend and by the next day I had brand new outbreak of the rash. Also is it possible that the oil can't be washed out in the washing machine? I did leave the clothes I was wearing in the laundry basket for a few days before I read somewhere how that the oil can be in your clothes and reinfect.

does it travel through the blo (Approved)Nanci8/29/2004 11:39 pm
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