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Vaccine for PI

Subject: Vaccine for PI
Author: Kath
Date: 8/30/2004 11:07 pm
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Status: Approved
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My doctor told me that there was, a few years ago, a vaccine for poison ivy (a previous post mentioned the shot "Numinosis"???). My doctor then said that it was discontinued. I have to believe that it was because of insurance reasons? Maybe it was expiring before the supply ran out? If you ask me, after living with constant outbreaks of PI and reading of all of the different cases on this website, it is worth looking into. Does anyone have any information on this vaccine? Please post!!!

Vaccine for PI (Approved)Kath8/30/2004 11:07 pm
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  Re: Vaccine for PI (Approved)Brian9/5/2004 2:48 pm
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