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Facial rash/poison ivy

Subject: Facial rash/poison ivy
Author: Sam
Date: 8/31/2004 4:27 pm
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On Monday morning I woke up with a swollen eye and what looked like poison Ivy. I treated it as poison Ivy (cleaned it, Calagel, Hydrocortisone) and the next morning it was worse-it had spread to the other eye and other parts of my face. I went to the ER and they diagnosed it has dermatitis or something, I guess it is a long word for rash. I don't remember being around poison ivy but this stuff looks and feels like it. They gave me a shot of prednizone at the hospital and it's been about 5 hours since then and I haven't noticed a difference in swelling or feeling. In fact if there is a difference it actually has become more irritating and feels like it is spreading to other parts of my face, even my lips.

My question is: will the prednizone work eventually, shouldn't an injection already have made difference? I'm taking benedryl also, as directed by the doctor.


Facial rash/poison ivy (Approved)Sam8/31/2004 4:27 pm
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