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How do I get rid of wood that is covered in poison ivy oil?

Subject: How do I get rid of wood that is covered in poison ivy oil?
Author: Karen
Date: 9/2/2004 1:26 pm
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I'm in a predictament that,so far, noone I called can help me with. We were given a ton of wood already cut up but not split. We already split 4 cords of it when I discovered I had poison ivy as well as my daughter who was helping me. Since I got the wood in the winter, I had no idea the vines growing thruout the area were poison ivy vines but can only come up with how we got it is that the wood is covered in poison ivy oils. My question now is how to get rid of it. We can't burn it for fear someone might inhale the smoke and possibly die from it. We can't just throw it out in the woods around us either cause we go in em to cut down the dead trees for firewood. This wood is supposed to be our main source of heat this winter but now it's not. How can we dispose of the wood? Hope someone can come up with an idea that it's too costly for us cause we can't even afford to fill our propane tank for winter heat.

How do I get rid of wood that (Approved)Karen9/2/2004 1:26 pm