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Poison Oak & Sumac??

Subject: Poison Oak & Sumac??
Author: Kirsten
Date: 9/2/2004 5:03 pm
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I have several pictures I took a few minutes ago. I am totally covered from my head to my toes in the most horrible rash and have the most extreme itching. On the 22nd I went to the hospital because my eyes and throat swelled shut. The Dr. said it was either oak or sumac and i have no clue what either looks like (i just moved to West Virginia from Illinois) I know what ivy looks like though. Well after a prednisone shot and some medication the swelling went down but i am still covered in a rash and itching like crazy. So i went out and took pics of what I think is PO and PS since the upload part of the site is down could someone who has a lot of knowledge on PO and PS email me and I will be happy to send them the pics. my email is [email protected]
Thank you in advance.

Poison Oak & Sumac?? (Approved)Kirsten9/2/2004 5:03 pm