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Poison Ivy Misunderstandings

Subject: Poison Ivy Misunderstandings
Author: Maggie
Date: 9/3/2004 3:47 pm
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I've been reading quite a few messages and from what I researched the blistering of your rash when opened does NOT spread to other areas of your body, in fact depending on how you got the oil on your skin, and what areas you touched with the oil on you, is where the posion ivy will "attack". In other words, if you got the oil on your hands and you are rubbing your face, or your arm etc...that's where it will make it's apperance. Depending on your skin, it can take a couple of days to show up in some spots and another day or so to show up in other areas of your skin...which would appear to look like it's spreading, but in fact, it just took longer to makes it's debute.

Anyway, I am here b/c I too have been "attacked" by Posion Ivy what I would call a slight case compared to some of the stories I have been reading, but nonetheless, it's poison ivy!! I am going on a week now, and I think I have managed to control it with the Benadryl Gel (which I strongly recommend) and Calamine Lotion.

I must have been feeling brave though b/c I started to pull the poison ivy from the fence b/c I was so pissed off that it's in my yard, so we'll see if my revenge was worth it or not!!!

Hope all is feeling better!

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