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Recommended Treatment

Subject: Recommended Treatment
Author: Almost Cured
Date: 9/3/2004 9:00 pm
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This past week I've been dealing with my case of poison ivy, my entire neck was covered with one big weld and my arms have smaller portions of blisters in different areas. This must be the 20th time I've had it and im finaly learning how to deal with it so I want to recommend some treatment that i wasnt aware before my recent encounter with the ivy.

first i tried a couple of anti histamines for the itch
-claritan helped but made me very drowsy
-i then tried zyrtec with the same effects
baking soda paste and warm showers/baths were great for the itch
- i also tried rhus tox for a day which didnt do much either
with no improvement i went to the doctor, he said i had a very impressive case and recommended steroids something called a taper

im now taking 40mg of prednisone a day for 4 days and after the first day my rashes are already clearing up.

im not saying this will work for everyone and you should only try it if it is doctor recomended (it prescribed only anyway)

different meds work for different people because poison ivy is a systematic thing i personaly react very bad to it and i hope this information helps anyway dealing with the horrible ivy because when i was dealing with the pain all i wanted was someones testimonial of a quick fix

i also highly recomend tecnu anti itch gel, its amazing for the itch but becareful because i noticed when it starts to peel it might become more itchy

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