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Re: Poison Ivy/Oak Remedy

Subject: Re: Poison Ivy/Oak Remedy
Author: afflicted
Date: 9/9/2004 7:16 pm
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Have been getting PI for 40 years so I've tried it all. Got it again a few days ago, severe place on my cheek and oozy patches on my chin and neck. Side of my face swelling so quickly today at work that people were asking what was wrong. Trying ZANFEL for the first time. Great itch relief but the itch came back in a few hours so I just finished washing again. Does have a fast drying effect, but the box says the rash "will begin to subside within hours". We'll see. If it helps this lesion-looking thing on my cheek I will DEFINITELY be impressed. Paid $39.99 for the tube -- I think Calagel controls the itch almost as well. Also a firm believer in Technu as a preventive if I KNOW I've been in contact; however, if nothing else is available, a very hot shower with Ajax dish washing liquid seems to do well at getting the oil off. For any of you upset that the PI vaccine is off the market before you tried it -- don't worry, I tried it for 4 consecutive years and it didn't help at all.

Poison Ivy/Oak Remedy (Approved)Tim9/8/2004 9:12 pm
  Re: Poison Ivy/Oak Remedy (Approved)afflicted9/9/2004 7:16 pm