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what do I do?

Subject: what do I do?
Author: Liz
Date: 9/10/2004 9:38 pm
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I am fairly sure that I have poison ivy, although I never thought that I was allergic to it before. (26, never had it, despite all family members having it growing up.) I was weeding the garden 6 days ago and began seeing blisters two days later. Compared to what I am hearing and seeing on this site I think I have a mild case, but how long do I let it go? Everyday I find new blisters and they are in very random places. Most of it is consentrated on one arm, but I have several scattered on each leg, a few on my neck, and some just appeared tonight just above my waist line. I had never heard of it getting into your blood stream, is that really possible? How long do I let it continue to grow before I dish out my stupid co-pay to see a doctor who may or may not be able to help? (And if I don't do anything other than the calamine lotion and occasional dousing with clorox, will it ever go away?)

what do I do? (Approved)Liz9/10/2004 9:38 pm
  Re: what do I do? (Approved)Elizabeth10/5/2004 1:14 pm