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Question aout PI

Subject: Question aout PI
Author: Tamie
Date: 9/15/2004 3:25 pm
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Oh My, I thought I knew what this stuff was when I broke out a few years ago. Apparently not.Friday it started on my face (cheeks,mouth, nose, ears) moved down my neck and is showing up on different parts of my legs. I went Sunday to Urgent Care and he give me a steroid shot and some cream. I am also taking Benadryl. It is now Wed. I am getting newer spots. Should this be happening? I am constanlty washing my hands and trying not to touch infected areas.
I have ventured out in the yard to try to figure out where I got it ( I was pulling weeds last week). I took some pictures of what I was told was poison Ivy and some of what I pulled up that looked like it may be. Is this site still taking pics for identification? I got a NOTE: check back in March early April.
oh yeah and I have four children. Two of them are small and I am constantly touching them,picking them up etc. Can they get this just from the rash itself or does it have to be the oil itself?

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