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Re: a for sure cure ! ! ! Read

Subject: Re: a for sure cure ! ! ! Read
Author: Shelby
Date: 9/16/2004 9:51 am
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This message is a little late Okie but poison oak loves me so much I actually grew the stuff on me. I used it all, calamine, rhuli gel, etc., and I ate those same capsules for 4 weeks. I used that zanfel and it is great stuff but used a whole 40 dollar tube and it still kept holding on because it was so deep. Go to your health food store and buy you some Natra-Bio Poison Oak/Poison Ivy RELIEF. It is a homeopathic medicine and it really works. You place 15 drops under your tongue every 30 minutes for two hours and then as needed. The second dose and my itching totally stopped. I mean it really works and it is all natural. Buy you some Zanfel and wash it off as needed. This stuff could put those doctors out of business.

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