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Re: Recommended Treatment

Subject: Re: Recommended Treatment
Author: Christine
Date: 9/17/2004 2:33 pm
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Boy, does misery love company. Last Sunday afternoon I happened to look down at my forarms and saw this read bumpy rash, not bad, not itchy, and I thought hmmm. The next day in the shower I noticed I had it on the back of my calves. I was sitting in class later on in the afternoon talking to one of the young girls and she said oh I had some rash, try caladril. With that they young man to our left said, oh gosh Chrstine, you have poison ivy...."I said oh come on, I've never had that and I'm sure in the past 39 years I've wandered through it and not gotten it." I don't think I'm allergic to it. He promptly replied, oh yeah you are. Got the caladril the next day and the itch wasn't so bad. Boy was I ever wrong.

Yesterday I didn't take any of my sauve's with me and made the mistake of wearing jeans, and by the time 10:00 p.m. rolled around, I was looking for anything....heck if someone told me battery acid would do the trick...out to my car I would have went.

Here I sit on Friday, the patches of blisters are all over my forearms and calves, the back of my right knee has a huge red welt looking that is the size of a grapefruit, and it is tight when I bend my knee. And about 10:00 a.m. I noticed some on my neck. Off to the doctor I went and he said hmmmmm nice poison ivy (I swear I heard a snicker!!!) I walked out of his office with a prescription for 60 mg of prednizone for two days, 40 mg for two, 20 for two. I took my first dose around 10:30 and I'm patiently awaiting the affects to kick in which my girlfriend said could be 24 hours.....groan.

So sisters, I feel your pain, and wish us all a very speedy recovery (although I hear the rash can linger for about two to three weeks!!!!).

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