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Re: Recommended Treatment

Subject: Re: Recommended Treatment
Author: sheila
Date: 9/19/2004 2:55 pm
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Status: Approved
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Lord, there are others? MISERABLE!!! I got into this two weeks ago, two Doctors visits later I am still getting new blisters. I had never thought of my shoes, duhhhh Or my car? I got into it weeding, and then got in my car.......... I'm covered, behind my knees is driving me nuts, although the huges texas size patches on my legs are no fun either. First visit I got a steroid shot. Second time pills 7 the first day, six. five..... day two of these, still itching red mess. I've itched so bad to the point of bleeding, I think I will probably be left with scars........ Never had this, never thought I would, when in the heck is this going to go away???? Not much on my face, a little on my neck, both arms and legs are covered, some on my stomache, my fingers, between my fingers.....Don't itch, thats all DH and DD say.... Samaccccccccck!

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