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Re-occurring Infection

Subject: Re-occurring Infection
Author: Dawn
Date: 9/23/2004 8:08 am
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I am a veteran of getting PI infections (I have a large garden in the country and am always working in it). Usually I just do my best to avoid it and use Tecnu to clean up. This year is DIFFERENT. I got one small contact infection on my wrist which lasted the usual couple of weeks -- but since then I keep getting little blisters popping up all over my boddy. Although they are small isolated areas it's still that PI itch. As soon as one blister disappears I get more in a totally different location. It's driving me nuts and its never happened like this before. Help!! - Does anyone have an explanation for this??? Now, I'm even afraid to pet my cats in case they've been walking in it.

Re-occurring Infection (Approved)Dawn9/23/2004 8:08 am
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