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Re: Re-occurring Infection

Subject: Re: Re-occurring Infection
Author: G frm SD
Date: 9/25/2004 5:07 am
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I am somewhat having the same problem. I broke out in a rash on my inside right ankle, about 3 weeks ago, and then I noticed the same rash on my right arm a day later. Then my left, and a few elsewhere on my left also. After my first visit to the Student Health Services here at my university (I have no health insurance, unfortunately, so i used the SHS to my advantage) the Nurse Practitioner had diagnosed me with Poison Oak. She gave me samples of Zyrtec for about 4 days (once a day) and then told me to take Claritin if it did not go away. So I bought Claritin on Tuesday, and it does help, but I went back for a second time to the SHS because I had noticed other dots re-appearing out of nowhere, after the main rashes started to dry up. Now I have all these dots over my body, some itch and some do not. The nurse prescribed me with Triamcinolone (T.A.C.), a cream specifically for the relief of poison oak/ivy and insect bites, and told me to put it all over the dots. So I have been doing this since yesterday, and I'm not seeing too much of an improvement, although some of the dots are drying up. But more keep appearing. I have no idea what this is. Some are forming near the main rashes which are starting to dry up. Where some of my rashes streak and are dried up, some dots appear at the end of the dried streak. They're almost all over my left and right side, and some on my back; there is a lot on my left arm. I don't know what this is, and I really just want this to go away! It's been over 2 weeks now with this awful Poison Oak and these dots are multiplying like rabbits. Maybe anyone could help? I am also going to stop using Claritin starting tomorrow, I will solely be using the Topical cream. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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