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can you identify this? posion ivy?

Subject: can you identify this? posion ivy?
Author: Mark
Date: 9/26/2004 7:59 pm
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Well About a week ago Monday I woke up to go to school and found that my right wrist had bites on it. I imediatly thought it was fleas because I just had bought a new puppy. Well my right leg was also covered in it as well. Also no one else got fleas in the hosue so i immediatly thoguht of posino ivy. I'm only 15 and i live in the city and my mother couldnt identify it too.I went in my back yard and looked for potential plants that could be posion ivy. Itook some pics of them and also my rash on my wrist and my leg. My legs are hairy and may be hard to tell. Its not that bad but it itches like hell and even the calamine lotion isnt taking all the itch away. Im also taking benadril pills or w/e there called. Heres the pics


Thank you, Mark

can you identify this? posion (Approved)Mark9/26/2004 7:59 pm