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Unbelievable PI Cure....

Subject: Unbelievable PI Cure....
Author: Melissa
Date: 9/28/2004 4:23 am
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We live in the mountains of NC and PI is a given up here... especially when you have 3 kids and any kind of woods around.

I have tried all the expensive over the counter drugs, lotions, and medicine I could find to relieve my family of their dreadful cases of PI (and I've probably spend over $1,000 in product trying to do it). Some products would relieve the itch temporarily, but when you get it so bad that it's on the bottom of your feet, nothing will penetrate.

My relief... we have an old dear friend who is a true mountain man and I asked him what cures PI. He simply said to swallow a PI leaf rolled up in a tight ball. I didn't beleive him and thought it might work for him because his immune system so tough, but for sure it would hurt my 3 and 5 year old child. Finally one day my son had it so bad it was covering his face and our friend noticed his rash. He got one of the leaves from the "ememy" PI plant and rolled it up in a tight little ball. I was sure that if he swallowed it there was no way it could be worse than what he already had. As a good mother... I asked our friend to eat it first, my 3 year old son ate it and I also ate it (to make sure I could see if there would be any serious reaction that would need medical assistance - my husband was standing by to call 911).
Anyway... the next day his PI had dried up almost completely, the itch was gone, and we both had forgotten about the terrifying little "green pill" we took the day before. In a matter of 3 days the rash was gone.
Fight fire with fire.... it works!

Good Luck,

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