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Re: Poison Ivy on the tongue

Subject: Re: Poison Ivy on the tongue
Author: pearl
Date: 10/9/2004 4:38 pm
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Yes, I think you can get poison ivy in the mouth. I got it when I had poison oak on my face and had washed my hands several times before flossing. I did not have symptoms on my hands. I then developed red spots and soreness in my throat. I went to Emergency Room and the ER doctor prescribed Prenidsone for 4 days which helped and told me to continue taking Benadryl. He thought it was very unusual. I am a dental hygienist and I found rinsing with Listerine very often helped tremendously. It has alcohol in it.Rinsing with Listerine for 3 days helped me get over it the second time ( I re-exposed my mouth to poison oak again. That's because my internist did not think I could get poison oak into my mouth after I had washed my hands several times with dishwashing soap.) I found that if I use rubbing alcohol on my hands after washing with dishwashing soap helped get rid of the poison oak residue on my hands prevented me from getting it into my mouth again. I also tried eating oatmeal cookies and cereal to helped with the soreness in my throat.

Poison Ivy on the tongue (Approved)Leslie10/4/2004 7:09 pm
  Re: Poison Ivy on the tongue (Approved)pearl10/9/2004 4:38 pm