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Re: Facial rash/poison ivy

Subject: Re: Facial rash/poison ivy
Author: Chris
Date: 11/13/2004 11:57 pm
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I have poison ivy around both my eyes right now - was doing yard work, wiped the sweat from my eyes - YOW! Anyway, causes a lot of itching and swelling - my eyes were swollen about half shut on that first day - just about terrified me. Got a cortizone shot and some topical steroid cream, but the swelling is still there EVERY morning, a week later. The only things that seem to help much are antihistamines (Benadryl, etc) and ice compresses. The Benadryl takes down some of the irritation and redness, and the ice packs about 2-3 times a day take down swelling pretty well, and help with the itch. If you're at work, or somewhere you can't manage ice packs, try using a can of Ice-Cold CocaCola - anything cold helps! Other than that... good luck!

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