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could it be?

Subject: could it be?
Author: annoyed paula
Date: 1/2/2005 7:32 pm
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i contracted poison ivy in Sept 2003, stupidly squatting over a cat hole in Colorado wilderness. Needless to say the rash was in some very terrible, sensitive areas. By the time I got back to civilization it had been about a week. The rash spread over 90% if my body. I was in the hospital with terrible reaction to the rash and the steriods. It took aobut 4-5 weeks and it seemed to be gone. My QUESTION is, about once a month, or if I get extremely sweaty the rash seems to come back-there is no discoloration, but the itch is the same. Help!!! This is horrible.


could it be? (Approved)annoyed paula1/2/2005 7:32 pm