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Poison Sumac,Ivy,and Oak Cure

Subject: Poison Sumac,Ivy,and Oak Cure
Author: Alex Collins
Date: 1/4/2005 1:48 pm
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For Poison Sumac, I use everyday bleach you can find around the house. Make sure when you see the effects of poison suamc,ivy,or oak to pour some bleach on the rashes. Make sure to dab the bleach on the rashes. It may burn a little bit, but it will clear up the rash in a matter of days. To reduce the sensation of burning mix in some water with the bleach. DO NOT SCRATCH THE INFECTED AREAS, MAKING THE RASH BLEED AND OOZE. IT WILL BURN LIKE HELL!!!! BELIEVE ME I BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT!!

Poison Sumac,Ivy,and Oak Cure (Approved)Alex Collins1/4/2005 1:48 pm
  Re: Poison Sumac,Ivy,and Oak C (Approved)Brian1/7/2005 1:29 pm