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swelling of the eyelids

Subject: swelling of the eyelids
Author: Jackie
Date: 1/4/2005 6:58 pm
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My son went on an over night camping trip and the next day his eye looked a little swollen, he thought perhaps a mosquito or fire ant and possibly bitten him while he slept, however, he awoke this morning and it was swollen slightly more. Determined to return to school today, after their christmas break...he went, only to return home with his eyes severly swollen, and a bumpy rash that seemed to cover his eyelid and had caused his left eye swelling too, right near the tear duct area, a bumpy and VERY itchy rash was also down his cheek and neck...I applied caladryl to his cheek and neck and to the upper portion of his eyelid but am concerned about his lower lids and the swelling. He says also that it hurts when he tries to look up with the swollen eye. Need some info on what anyone thinks it might be.........I think Poison oak, it is usually in that area. And also what I can put on it if anything to reduce the swelling and possibly cure it?

swelling of the eyelids (Approved)Jackie1/4/2005 6:58 pm
  Re: swelling of the eyelids (Approved)Miztiki1/5/2005 2:27 pm