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PI infestation with new house, help!

Subject: PI infestation with new house, help!
Author: Miztiki
Date: 1/5/2005 2:25 pm
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My husband and I just bought a house 3 weeks ago. For 2 weeks I've had poison ivy. The other day my neighbor showed me the source of my PI. I have HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of PI vines climbing up dozens of trees in my back yard. Where I come from, PI is a small creeping vine, but this stuff is 20-30 feet up into the trees and some of the vines are actually bigger than my arm!

My husband had been back there working on the fence (also covered with PI) the day before my rash appeared and must have brought the oils into the house with him because I hadn't even been back there.

I'm very sensitive to poison ivy, so how am I going to live here? It will cost thousands of dollars to have it all removed, and we can't do anything about the PI on the neighbor's side of the fence, so it will ALWAYS be a problem. My doctor told me not to go back there at all (I won't) and for my husband to be careful not to bring the oils in with him if he goes back there. Long term steroids are not an option (they are hard on the body).

What am I going to do besides sell the house and move? The only thing I can think of is to pay to have it all removed (including the trees, dozens of them) and then maybe fence that area off and get goats to keep it under control? The house is in the back of our 3 acres and the front 2 acres appear to be PI-free, so I wouldn't be a prisoner in the house.

Any ideas or suggestions on how I can live here, or will we have to sell the place? Help please!

You can see some pictures here:

page 1:


page 2:


p.s. We live in Texas now, not N.C.

PI infestation with new house, (Approved)Miztiki1/5/2005 2:25 pm