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Re: poison Ivy in the winter

Subject: Re: poison Ivy in the winter
Author: Karen
Date: 1/13/2005 3:57 am
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I bought a house 2yrs ago and while working on it I broke out in a rash on one arm. Thought it was from insulation, went to the doctor and it was poison Ivy. My mother (81yrs old) and I looked all over to see where it was. We did not find anything that looked like it. A friend came over that works for a tree service and he took us straight to it. This stuff was about 12 foot tall and looked like trees. The leaves had crumbly stuff all on them. Kinda like grape nuts. My dogs were playing in it and that is how I came in contact with it. They are like a cat with cat nip. As far as I know it has all been killed. However about a week ago I broke out in a rash, didn't itch to much, but it looks like poison ivy. Little blisters and this time they are on a welped up area that was a light pink, very warm to the touch and now the area under neath looks like it is bruised. So I too ask can this stuff still get ya in the winter? I have looked all over my yard and have not found any. The only thing there is the old crumbled stuff still weaved in and out of the chain link fence. I bet this stuff was a hundred years old. Never seen anything like it.

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