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Ivy questions

Subject: Ivy questions
Author: Mark
Date: 2/15/2005 0:53 am
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I have never had poison ivy in my life (to my knowlege), and now at 23 everyone says I have it. There is a patch of blisters on my forehead right under my hairline that has hardened up now (after three days) and I have the amber colored blisters on it. It itched for one day, but doesn't itch now. The really strange part is that on the outside of my left ear, where it connects to my face, that part is very sore and sensitive, although there is no reddening on the outside. Do I have it in my ear? I can't lay on the left side of my face because the pressure really hurts. Is that poison ivy and how did I get in the winter time? I was cutting up some green chili peppers last week, and I wonder if I have a reaction to those.

Ivy questions (Approved)Mark2/15/2005 0:53 am
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