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Poison Ivy systemic?

Subject: Poison Ivy systemic?
Author: chuck
Date: 2/16/2005 8:23 am
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I picked up some Poison ivy/oak/surmac when I went to a national park a little over 2 weeks ago. Initially, It was only on the inside of my right knee, and a little on the inside of my left knee. The two spots started to develop a rash roughly 3 days after the trip to the park, and developed into hugh red leathery itchy rashes. I didnt know what it was at first because I didnt know I was exposed at all.

I have used just about everything, over the counter, including ZanFel which did the best work on the rash, Calydril, Aveeno Sprays, and some Cortizone cremes. The red leathery rash is gone now, but it replaced by the skin being red still (almost purpleish, bruised looking), and what looks like dead skin or scabbin forming on top. I was using cortizon cremes durring this time, placing sterile bandages over the rashed areas, and using medical tape to tape up the areas, until I started to get a rash from the tape, go figure.

I stoped doing that, and it seems to be healing, verrry slowly.. But now, I'm itching all over my body. My arms, more places on my legs, chest and some in the face. No visible signs have shown really, except for a small rash on my left arm, and now, this morning, on the same arm, it's itching like mad and my skin is kinda bumpy, but no reddining, almost like hives in a way..

I Really dont know what to do at this point. The itching is driving me mad, and i cant afford to keep buying cremes. Should I go to an emergency Walk-in clinic and get a shot of steroids? Or something like that? I'm pretty lost now..

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