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Pregnant Lady STILL Suffering 5 Months Later!

Subject: Pregnant Lady STILL Suffering 5 Months Later!
Author: Christine
Date: 3/3/2005 3:43 am
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How is the outbreak doing now? Myself, I got infected with Poison Oak (a dead patch mind you) back in late October 2004. It's now March 2, 2005. I've still got the bloody affliction and I'm also pregnant so the doctors cannot prescribe any steroids for me without doing irrepairible damage to my baby!! This of course I found out later after having an ER doctor give me a shot of Hydrochortisone in teh middle of November 2004, to which the rash just kind of giggled and kept on it's merry way. I've tried Zanfel and Ivarest and IvyStat and Technu and... My doctor tells me it's Contact Dermititis NOT poison oak anymore, which doesn't make a lot of sense because poison oak IS a form of contact dermititis... STUPID! I'm so tired of itching I can hardley stand it! I'll seem to just be getting over it in one spot and then it will appear out of nowhere somewhere else. In the last five months I've had it from my ears and my eyelids to my ankles and tops of my feet (and literally, in every crack and crevis in between) I've washed my clothing repeatedly, even if I don't wear it or if it even comes in contact with other clothes I have worn, I've given my dog a bath, I've moved residences, I've gotten new clothes, I've let the blisters breathe, and I've bandaged them up. NOTHING seems to work for ME. So, does anybody out there got any info for me? I'm at a complete loss. OH!! But get this... I HAVE AN UNUSED PACKAGE OF IMUNOAK WITH ALL 4 VIALS STILL INTACT! Only problem is, the stuff expired in September 1978. Think it would be a bad idea to consume it anyway? Let me know what you think, any and all who read this posting!

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