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How long...

Subject: How long...
Author: Sonny
Date: 3/28/2005 6:58 pm
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Please forgive me if my question has already been asked before, but..i'm suffering. I went camping last Friday, and by Saturday morning, I was already breaking out. Now it's Monday, and the breakout has gone through many stages. Where I was broke out on my face, isn't oozing the liquid anymore, and is pretty much dried up, and most of the smaller patches on my arm itch occaisionally, but are hard to see, and are pretty much dried up.
Now comes to about 4 large patches on my arm that are hurting pretty bad now and are constantly oozing the liquid. And when I say constantly, I mean every minute or so I look and there's big blobs of it outside the soar, so I wipe it off.

Questions are, should I be wiping the liquid off, before it dries, or should I just leave it alone, and wash it off later?

Second question is, with it oozing this profusely, how long should it take to get all the liquid out, and dry up? Alot of the swelling has gone down on the big spots since it started oozing so bad, but it doesn't show any signs of actually drying up.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated, as, I'd like to dry this stuff up as soon as possible.

How long... (Approved)Sonny3/28/2005 6:58 pm