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Re: Weeping Amber Ooze

Subject: Re: Weeping Amber Ooze
Author: Darrel
Date: 6/3/2005 9:50 pm
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I had the same thing when I had a run-in with either poison ivy or poison oak - not sure which and frankly did not care to go back into the woods to find out.

I had the oozy stuff coming out of my worst rash areas (that looked like raw hamburger) for weeks. I chalked it up to simply being the bodily fluids produced by the skin to try to rid itself of the nasty allergen. Sort of like how your body produces prodigious amounts of snot when you have a nasty cold.

Anyway - the most interesting thing I have found is that periodically, my rash will return...it will flare up again in the spots where I had the worst exposure a couple of years ago. I have also had a couple of bouts with swimmers itch and these flare up occasionally too. I am right now suffering a flare up of both...kind of weird...and I am trying to figure out what triggers it.

Any ideas on this strange phemonenon?

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