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Re: Can PI or PO have thorns

Subject: Re: Can PI or PO have thorns
Author: Itchy is right!
Date: 7/6/2007 7:21 pm
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I am very sensitive to poison ivy, so I wear jeans anytime I walk around our woods. But for the second time, I have acquired a bad skin rash --itchy and tiny bumps, much helped with calamine lotions -- that RESEMBLES poison ivy, tho not as bad, WHILE WEARING JEANS. NO BARE SKIN!! The culprit, I swear, is greenbriar. This incredibly tenacious and very very thorny plant runs and hangs on lots of the trees and underbrush on our Virginia farm. Two days ago, while walking around the woods some vine caught around my lower thigh and just penetrated my jeans -- enough to feel the thorns. Later that evening, I said, hey, what's that itching? took off my jeans, and guess what, a major rash beginning right where I had felt the thorns. And a bit later, I said hey, again, and pulled off my t shirt, and there was a patch on my shoulder -- again, where I remember a vine of greenbriar had caught on my shirt. So what gives?? I cannot find any reference to greenbriar (smilax) causing rashes, but this is awful!!! not as bad as my reaction to poison ivy, but still bad!!! Anyone else have this experience? Can anyone validate that smilax/greenbriar/greenthorn causes this?

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