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Re: Infared or Ultraviolet?

Subject: Re: Infared or Ultraviolet?
Author: Meshel Kaliski
Date: 8/3/2009 6:11 pm
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Has anyone found and answer to the question listed below?
Thank Meshel Kaliski

Subject: Infared or Ultraviolet?
Author: Stacy
Date: 2/6/2005 0:03 am
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It may be a stretch, but I AM getting desperate. I'm wondering if any tests have been done to see if urushiol oil shows up under infared or ultraviolet or black light. My 3yr. old got some on his clothes and I didn't know it until days later when I got a rash from holding him. Now it keeps reappearing in small spots on both myself and my son. It is somewhere in the house still, even though I've washed the obvious clothes and places where I think he may have touched. It's driving me crazy, not just the itch, but NOT KNOWING WHERE THIS STUFF LURKS. I don't know enough about the properties of different lights to know if a test like this might work. Any thoughts?

Infared or Ultraviolet? (Approved)Stacy2/6/2005 0:03 am
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