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Re: Update - 1 year later!

Subject: Re: Update - 1 year later!
Author: Gwen Hilst-Russell
Date: 5/6/2010 10:54 am
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Ok Donna....here it is. TRY IT!!!! IT WORKS!!!

It is mid-March and I already have ivy. Ugh. I get numerous outbreaks all summer long and am just so tired of feeling like I can't go mushrooming, camping, riding (horses....I get it from my mare after she has walked thru it when I brush her off)....etc.,etc. I read your site recently and tried Zyrtec. This was very helpful but am just at a loss that I can't feel comfortable being outside. Well, after making many calls I found a pharmacy near me that "makes" a poison ivy tincture and has for over 20 years. You add 15-20 drops from this vial into 6 oz of water once a week throughout the poison ivy season or if needed all year round. A six month supply is only $22.95 and swear its effectiveness. Tincture is similar to patients who takes allergy shots.....small amount of poison ivy extract which builds up a person's immunity. Well, I can't begin taking my immunity process yet since I have an active case but am VERY EXCITED to feel able to join my family, friends and horses back into the timber! Please spread the word....the pharmacy's name (and of course they have given their permission to give this information to you) is Preckshot Professional Pharmacy, 4450 N. Prospect, Suite 7, Peoria Heights, IL 61616 309-679-2047. They are happy to mail order and mail rx throughout the U.S.
Hope this can help someone as I am just tickled that I found this product!!!!

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