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Systemic Poison Ivy Reaction

Subject: Systemic Poison Ivy Reaction
Author: Doug
Date: 6/22/2012 11:42 am
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Has anyone else had one of these? I just got a poison ivy reaction for the first time in my life this week after pulling some up in the back yard. Previously I had no reaction to it, then last year, pulling up the same stuff, I got a very mild rash on my wrists ( I wear plastic gloves when I do yard work ).
This year I got the same thing, but then my entire body broke out in a rash, my hands and feet swelled up to much I could barely type or walk, I ran a 100 degree fever and felt flu-like. After 2 days I sought help. My doctor prescribed me a week of Prednisone 40,30,30,20,20,10,10, the first dose virtually eliminated all symptoms.
Some interesting things that likely differ from a local reaction. My rash areas disappear after a few hours from each location, only to sprout up in new areas, and then back to other areas. But they never stay for more than a few hours and then the skin returns to normal. I can show pictures if there is a way to upload here.
Also, my rash barely itches at all, and does not weep. It itches for about the first 30 minutes when the rash is extremely bumpy, almost like a blister is forming. Then as it starts to shrink, the itch vanishes. However, my whole body feels like its sunburned.
Anyhow, very weird stuff. Not fun thats for sure.

Systemic Poison Ivy Reaction (Approved)Doug6/22/2012 11:42 am