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Lots of exposure!!!

Subject: Lots of exposure!!!
Author: Jim
Date: 7/14/2003 12:21 pm
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My wife and I and our two kids were at a newly aquired piece of woodland yesterday. I was mowing (weeds) in a open area about 100' X 100'. I found out later that day that the (weeds), some of which were over 3' tall and slapping me as I mowed over them, were poison ivy. It was a huge patch and there is a lot more there yet. My wife was sitting on the trailer sun bathing getting dusted by the mower once in a while. And the kids were riding through the fresh mowed area steady on their motorcycles. We went home, all took showers scrubbing with lots of soap and a brush. It seems I have a very small amount between two fingers and on my arms. The wife and kids don't seem to have it at all yet. Did we get lucky or is it still going to hit us? Also how do I get it off my lawn mower and tools? Thanks...

Lots of exposure!!! (Approved)Jim7/14/2003 12:21 pm
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