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new seedlings

Subject: new seedlings
Author: Joyce
Date: 7/14/2003 12:44 pm
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I have been battling poison ivy for three years now after the purchase of our newly built home. The wooded area left of my home is covered with it. We spray round-up every year and in doing so keep it at bay from our lawn. It does encrouch on the lawn also. Most of it is close to the ground or vining up trees in our woods. I am extremely allergic to it. If my husband walks in it I ususally break out systemically. I have been on steroids for one month and had poison ivy rashes for up to 4 months. I now know to stay away and will not touch it. However, we have recently had these tiny weeds coming up everywhere in the lawn and garden area.They have three leaves together on one stem. They were never reddish but light green. They are less then half an inch in size and are sprouting up in between a very thick lawn. I of course have been pulling them up as weeds along with oak seedlings. Hence, I have had a rash unknowingly from these little seedlings. I never knew that poison ivy spread this way through the seeds. I am overwhelmed and know that a broadleaf herbicide will not affect them. Does anyone out there know or have experience with seedlings of poison ivy such as this? Thanks to anyone who can answer with expertise in the growth and spread of this plant which I consider to be the scourge of the earth in the plant kingdom. Joyce

new seedlings (Approved)Joyce7/14/2003 12:44 pm
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