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Poison Ivy

Subject: Poison Ivy
Author: Meg
Date: 7/16/2003 5:03 pm
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I've had poison ivy for the past week and it is hell. One my first day of having it I was unable to open my right eye and i had terrible swelling. My doctor prescribed me with Methylprednicolone tablets for a 6 day period. Im on my 5th day now and the swelling its gone and i can open my eye (which may be due to my constantly icing it) but the itching i uncontrollable. I have terrible trouble sleeping at night and new rashes have shown up since i've been on this. My face still looks scarred and bad and i've had enough. I just want my skin to clear up again- should i ask my doctor for another dosage of the methylprednisolone tablets- or a shot or something. i just want this to be cured

Poison Ivy (Approved)Meg7/16/2003 5:03 pm
  Re: Poison Ivy (Approved)Betsy D.7/18/2003 0:10 am