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PO howmuch longer

Subject: PO howmuch longer
Author: sunny
Date: 7/16/2003 5:09 pm
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ok i was weedwakking my bad yard last thursday (july 10th) and well ya you know i weed wached the wrong trees and that saturday i noticed these itchy bumps on my legs and my left arm so i knew that i got it agian. so now i am on day 6th day of PO and i was wondering the last time i got it bad i think it was because i was itching it really badly assuming it was just a normal mosqito bite. so in turn there was a big bubble on leg like a 1/2 sphiere and i had to go to school we had gym and we played soccer (just my luck) and that bubble poped and yellow ooz came out. is all that gonna happen this time????
and another question i had was i am in the pimple looking stage i guess you can call it so HOW much longer of this itching i am weeping i tell you!!!! HELP!!!!

PO howmuch longer (Approved)sunny7/16/2003 5:09 pm
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