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Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Alex
Date: 7/16/2003 8:15 pm
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O.K. i had posion ivy really bad on my elbow about 2 week ago, oozing and everything, but its dried up and starting to go away now. but about a week ago a rash has appeared on both of my fore arms, it has not broken out in blisters yet, im confused becasue some times when im running or workin out it gets really red like its goin to break out, but never does, its looks like ive been burned, and i dont no wat to do it wont go away, CAN ANY ONE HELP?????????????

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Approved)Alex7/16/2003 8:15 pm
  Re: Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Approved)Tony7/17/2003 1:46 am