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Re: Breastfeeding and urushiol

Subject: Re: Breastfeeding and urushiol
Author: Patrick
Date: 7/16/2003 9:35 pm
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The rash will only occur where urushiol has touched the skin; it doesn't spread throughout the body. However, the rash may seem to spread if it appears over time instead of all at once. This is either because the urushiol is absorbed at different rates in different parts of the body or because of repeated exposure to contaminated objects or urushiol trapped under the fingernails.

You can ask a specialist at this link too: http://www.aafa.org/index.cfm

Breastfeeding and urushiol (Approved)Diane Smith7/16/2003 7:19 am
  Re: Breastfeeding and urushiol (Approved)Patrick7/16/2003 9:35 pm