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Possible immunity substance?

Subject: Possible immunity substance?
Author: Tony
Date: 7/17/2003 1:54 am
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Status: Approved
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Of course I haven' yet tried this since I've only just heard about the idea, but...a friend tells me that regular consumtion of goats milk will build immunity to PO. In theory this makes sense, only if the goats whose milk is consumed have been grazing on PO. This is fairly common where I live (Sierra Foothils, CA).....goats are often used to clear fields, etc.....so there stands a decent chance that this might be a worthy thing to try. There is also the chance that the goats don't necessarily have to consume PO...maybe the antigen is already present in their system and can be passed on through the milk...mmmm
any thoughts?

Possible immunity substance? (Approved)Tony7/17/2003 1:54 am
  Re: Possible immunity substanc (Approved)Betsy D.7/17/2003 11:57 pm