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Washing urushiol off...

Subject: Washing urushiol off...
Author: Jose K.
Date: 7/20/2003 4:24 pm
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In days of yore when I was in U S Air Force and doing electronics maintenance, we used a degreaser to spray on gear we were about to work on, so we could eliminate oils and other materials that interfere with soldering. The usual degreaser we used is very effective on all oils, and available to everyone- "Formula 409". I strongly recommend "Formula 409" spray to dissolve and remove urushiol oil (from poison oak, ivy and sumac) from shoes, sofas, garden tools, etc. that have become contaminated. (If you do not remove the oils, you could start to itch again soon...)

Washing urushiol off... (Approved)Jose K.7/20/2003 4:24 pm
  Re: Washing urushiol off... (Approved)Betsy D.7/20/2003 10:47 pm