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poison ivy

Subject: poison ivy
Author: cheri mccormick
Date: 7/21/2003 9:37 am
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i have had this on me 4 times off and on in 8 to 10 weeks i have went to the dr. 2 times i have took every thing they gave me and still its back , i have come to the end of ways to make it go away, it was on my arm then my left leg then my right leg then it was on my left arm it seem to be going away . but now its just came back, i cant take any more, i am 61 years old , and i havent been in any poison ivy but one time , back when i first got it, what can i do now, if i go back to the dr. they will just give the the same things i have took all along and its not working, i need help bad

poison ivy (Approved)cheri mccormick7/21/2003 9:37 am
  Re: poison ivy (Approved)Betsy D.7/22/2003 1:38 am