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Re: PO howmuch longer

Subject: Re: PO howmuch longer
Author: B ingraham
Date: 7/22/2003 2:08 am
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I agree with up to 3 to 5 weeks. Do not take PO lightly. If it starts to get bad, go to the doctor. I was covered head to toe with PO and went 3 weeks before going to doctor. He said I was so poisoned that I was lucky to survive. I think severe reaction can cause problems to the heart. It was 20 years ago and I (think) that is what he said about the heart. Oh ya, I was not taking any medication or using any drying agents. All I remember is it weeping real bad and itch that almost drove me mad. I would wrap myself like a mummy with toilet paper and repeat that every half hour or so. Don't do what I did. If it is localized, I would do what your doing. If your whole calf broke out I would go to the doctor.

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